For my most recent (open source) projects, have a look at my Github profile. Some of my other (older) projects are visible on this page.

ReserverenNL - WhatsappBot

After the huge success of our ReserverenNL Twitterbot, Raymond and I decided that it was time for a new tool. The introduction of the Apple Watch was a great moment to release a new tool, so we started our research on the reservation system. We found out the new reservation system quite fast and started creating a tool based on the JSON API the system was using.

We couldn’t just create a Twitter bot anymore, because of the amount of models. This time we needed to create a personalized notification service. In order to do this we needed to choose a contact method. We choose WhatsApp, because we wanted to work with the (unofficial) WhatsApp API and a realtime server technique. The NodeJS platform was a perfect combination!

 Because of the tool’s modularity it is quite easy to implement other contact methodes like SMS, Telegram or Twitter mentions. Maybe we will add more contact methods in the future.

Apple decided not to use the reservation system, so the tool has never gone live (yet). Hopefully we can release this in the future for another Apple product.

Type: Personal Project
Date: april 2015
URL: Not released (yet)

ZeelandnetTV - Live TV

Zeelandnet, a broadband ISP provider in the Netherlands, offers the ability to watch live television inside your browser. Unfortunately this is based on Microsoft Silverlight which is energy consuming and slow. Because of this I created my own webapplication, where I could watch television without a Silverlight player. I used the default HTML5 videoplayer, with a Flash fallback for browsers that couldn’t handle HLS.

The streaming urls weren’t public, so I had to figure them out myself. When I discovered the streaming urls with some reverse engineering of the Android app, I also discovered that they weren’t protected. Normally only Zeelandnet customers should be able to watch the streams, but everyone could watch the direct streaming urls. I reported this to Zeelandnet, but they didn’t care about it.

Zeelandnet did thank me for my efforts by threatening me, because they weren’t able to solve their own security problem. I was ‘forced’ to take down my website. One year later, it is finally solved and all streaming urls aren’t accessible anymore. This was also the end for my TV project, for now.

Type: Personal Project
Date: february 2014

Password check and the Dutch Public Prosecution Service launched a ‘National Change your Passwords Day’. Commissioned by I created a WordPress plugin which added a ‘password check’ to the website. In the first day of the campaign more than 80,000 passwords were checked on security.
Type: codeconverters project
Date: december 2014
Client: (De Persgroep)

Baxshop - Webapplication

On behalf of we built a web application for a school project. The webapplication will be run (theoretically) on iPad's in the store, where customers can look up and order products. Bax-shop didn't want to have a native iOS app, but a web application completely customized for the iPad.

Completely contrary to the terms of reference, we have chosen to use AngularJS instead of PHP. Because all information is extracted from the systems of Bax-shop (JSON RPC), it isn't necessary to have our own back-end. This has also ensured that our application was extremely fast and responsive.

"New technologies are there to learn, not to avoid."

Type: School Project
Date: december 2014
Client: & HZ University of Applied Sciences

ReserverenNL - Twitterbot

In cooperation with Raymond I have made a tool for Apple fans. Shortly after the iPhone 6 release there was a small stock at the Apple Stores. We created a Twitter bot which provided realtime information about the stock changes.

In 3 months we have had more than 2 million impressions.

Type: Personal Project
Date: september 2014

Time Table Hack

A part of my final paper in secondary education was testing the information security on my school. Based on my research of the source code and a bad server configuration I got a list with all student details. I also decrypted the admin credentials to proof that they should take security more seriously.
Type: School Project
Date: 2013
URL: (dutch)